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Healthy Kids Wall of Fame

At the Cory-Rawson Cafeteria we want to promote healthy living as much as possible so we would like to give some recognition to our kids by decorating our kitchen with pictures of our awesome students doing healthy activities!!!  We would like to give you the opportunity to show off pictures of your students practicing healthy habits such as eating healthy foods, growing healthy foods, or being active doing sports or playing outside. Below are the requirements for pictures that can be submitted, and we will post these pictures on the wall in the cafeteria behind our register/serving lines.  We will also send home the picture after we take it down if you would like to use it at home. We look forward to seeing your kids living healthy lifestyles!!!

Photo Requirements:

  1. While this isn’t a photo contest (we won’t pick pictures based on the photography skills) we do need it to be clear and bright enough to see who is in the picture doing what!!!

  2. Please name ALL students who are in the picture to verify that they are ok with having their picture posted.

  3. Check backgrounds for anything inappropriate or anything you don’t want visible to people entering the cafeteria (this may include signs, house numbers, family calendars, etc.)

Send all questions and submissions to Kirsten Gast at gast@cory-rawson.org.  Submissions can be made all year.  We will rotate through pictures throughout the year so depending on the number of submissions we get it may be a while before they appear on the wall.