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My Dear Students,

I know there will be questions and skills you will want to know that I will not be available at the exact time you need me. So, I came up with the webmixes to the left to help you research any art form that catches your interest.  Below that is a list of links you can click to get ideas for artwork. So go, experiment with the techniques you see demonstrated. Don’t worry, I’ll be around to help if you get stuck. After you get comfortable with a new skill, experiment and make something new and different that is uniquely your own creation. Because there is only one you, and you are amazing!

Go have fun and make art!

Mrs. Lehman


Elementary Art will be MUCH different this year. Below are some answers to questions you may have. If you have further questions, please e-mail me at: lehman@cory-rawson.org.

What has changed?

Students will now be treated as professional artists. They will be given free choice to create artwork with their topic and mediums of choice as well as the responsibility to care for and clean up the materials they use.

I was trained to teach using the Discipline Based Art Education approach. Using that method, I have had students look at an artwork and discuss how and why the artist made it. Then I would teach students step-by-step how to make a similar artwork. Every students’ artwork was similar and there was limited choice for students. This neither allowed students ample choice to express themselves nor could cover a number of Ohio’s Art Standards.

What will my child make during their studio time?

No longer will every child make a sponge painted fall tree or a clay fish. Students will have access to drawing, paint and clay stations, just to name a few. However, what they feel inspired to create is individual, and may not be the same as their peers. As the teacher, I will be helping students to learn what inspires them, how to improve their skills in the material of their choice, understand what art is, where it is, and how it’s created, as well as guide them to resolutions when they struggle. Under this approach, I will not dictate what a child should or should not make. Occasionally, I will provide open-ended prompts to spur their creativity or to best assess State Visual Art Standards.


 Why the change?

In the past five years, I have been begged by so many students to have more time to come to the art room to work on projects that they’ve wanted to do, but class time did not allow. I feel that this is a way to allow students more time to become thoughtful self-motivated learners. This method also best meets Ohio’s Art Standards, and from the research I have done, it is the new best practice to teach art. It is my goal to do what is best for my students, and I believe wholeheartedly that this is it!


What will be graded?

Instead of grading skills (ie: the color wheel, three dimensional drawing, etc.), the bulk of grades will come from efforts based on the Ohio Visual Art Standards. For example, one Kindergarten Standard is, “Describe the meaning of the marks they make on paper.” So I will talk to students about their artwork, and if they can tell me about it, they will receive a Satisfactory, if they can’t discern their marks, they would receive an Needs Improvement. Some standards will require short quizzes. Students’ artistic ability is not graded in itself, other than that they are invested in their work, use studio time wisely and show growth over the year.

A typical studio day runs in this order:

A brief meeting to discuss an artistic behavior, new center, skill or technique

Student work time in the station of their choice

Clean-Up of stations

Line up and a game



Studio Days

Monday  Boerger (1st Semester)/ Trigg (2nd Semester)

Tuesday  Businger (1st Sem.)/ Hamilton (2nd Sem.), Jones, Swary, Wagner, Alexander, Quinlan

Wednesday  Boerger/Trigg, Burkett, Warren, Wilson, Holman

Thursday Businger/Hamilton

Friday Alternates 5/6 A&B

*Please have your student wear clothes that can get messy.*




"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Pablo Picasso




Stephanie Lehman

K-6 Elementary Art

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