Technology and 7th Grade Keyboarding

Michael Quinlan  419-963-3415 x4010

Keyboarding - Digital Wellness and Safety
Green Group Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Gold Group Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Google Skills and Applications
Green Group Monday, Tuesday
Gold Group Thursday, Friday

While in class in person students will be working with Google programs and add-ons.  using the Google Skills and Applications link above.  When students are remote learning they are to complete the Digital Wellness and Safety course as well as Typing at least 60 minutes per week.  Students will be graded on participation in keyboarding - 1 Hour per week.  Completion of Digital Literacy and Wellness course and completion of Google Applications Modules.
Here is an EXAMPLE of how one might organize remote learning for each color group.
Green  Monday in Class, Tuesday in Class, Wednesday Complete one Digital Learning Module, Thursday 30 Minutes of Keyboarding, Friday 30 Minutes of Keyboarding.

Gold Monday Complete one Digital Learning Module, Tuesday 30 Minutes of Keyboarding, Wednesday 30 Minutes of Keyboarding, Thursday in Class, Friday in Class