Technology and 7th Grade Keyboarding

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7th Grade Keyboarding - Syllabus

Lesson Plans During Shut down

I believe that ALL students will be doing inordinate amounts of keyboarding in the coming weeks so there is no additional typing assignment in keyboarding. 3rd quarter 7th graders in my class MAY login into www.typing,com and keyboard for extra credit - 30 minutes = 10 points max per day.  50 Extra credit points are available if you type for 30 minutes Monday 3-23, Tuesday 3-24, Wednesday 3-25, Thursday 3-26, and Friday 3-27.  No Additional graded assignments for the remainder of the quarter.  Check Progressbook - If you do not have an A up to this point  I suggest that you use the extra credit option.  Please email me with any questions