Mr. Kris Sherer

7th - 12th Grade Art


Instagram: kris.sherer

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Kris Sherer - Art

Art 1, 2, 3, 4 Assignments:

March 30 - April 3:  At Home Photography Assignment - If you did not receive this in your email let me know.

April 6th - April 10:  Sketches (Mrs. Swary gave you 2 sketches.  I just need you to take a picture of your drawings and email or text me those by April 10th.)  Below are all of the sketches for the rest of the year.


4th 9 Weeks - 7th/8th Grade Art Assignment:

March 30 - April 3:  Famous Artist Presentation (email Mr. Sherer if you did not receive the assignment in your email.)  

Click here for Art 1 Sketches Click here for Art 2 sketches Click here for Art 3 sketches Click here for Art 4 sketches

*This is by an animator named Alan Becker.*

Art 1: If you would like to do another Google Slide animation, or add to the one you already did, that would be great!  

2018 Art 1 Animation

A fun video to practice some simple drawing techniques!

This is a video of a modern-day Zoetrope.  I talked about these in Art 1 during the Animation Lecture.