Mr Palte’s

2018-2019 Classes  

Food Science (Creative Foods) (1st Semester)

Subject Code: 091215

In this course, students will apply basic culinary practices and understand how flavor, texture and appearance are affected during food preparation. Students will evaluate chemical reactions as they occur in cooking methods and assess how to control high-risk food safety situation. Food safety and sanitation techniques will align to industry-recognized certifications.

Global Foods (2nd Semester)

Subject Code: 091210

In this course, students will compare cuisines, ingredients and preferred cooking methods of various cultures. The influence of traditions and regional and cultural perspectives on food choices and culinary practices will be emphasized. Students will examine the issues and conditions that affect the availability and quality of food in the global market, and apply advanced cooking techniques, including the use of specialty and advanced equipment in the preparation of food dishes.


Leadership and Community Engagement (ALL YEAR)

Subject Code: 091403

In this course, students will learn how to become an active community member and citizen. An emphasis will be placed on in-service learning, leadership training and teambuilding opportunities. Additional topics will include public policy issues, community and global engagement..

Textiles and Interior Design (1st Semester)

Subject Code: 091501

In this course students will explore a broad range of topics relating to the various aspects and career opportunities available in the field of textiles and design. The emphasis will be given to textiles project development and developing strategies to maintain the home. Additional topics will include project collaboration, design techniques and environmental sustainability.

Interior Design, Furnishings and Management (2nd Semester)

Subject Code: 091500

In this Family and Consumer Sciences career field course, students will examine design principles used in residential interiors. An emphasis will be placed on incorporating anthropometrics, ergonomics and psychological responses. Additional topics will include the selection and organization of furnishings, floors and wall coverings in living spaces, kitchens and baths.

Beginner Sewing Class(1st Semester)

Subject Code: 091201 (code for Intro to FCS)

Learn basic sewing skills, sewing machine & tool basics, sew seams & construct a simple pillow! Students will learn pattern design and quilt layout. Students will also learn textile skills they will need for Textile Design, Construction and Maintenance.

Textile Design, Construction and Maintenance (2nd Semester)

Subject Code: 091505

In this course, students will study the visual appearance of fabric and fashion design. Students will identify, analyze and apply production processes and techniques to textiles. Additional topics will include the maintenance and alterations of textiles products, including home interior accessories and garments.