Cada cual hace con su vida un papalote y lo echa a volar.

Tina Bils - Spanish                  Room 212

School phone:  419-963-3415 x4402

Cell phone:  419-672-8697

PLEASE communicate with me.  I want to know of any problems or questions!!!!! 

Here are the best ways to get in touch during a hybrid schedule:

  • Email is always the most convenient way to communicate with me.  I check my email regularly throughout the day and evening.  
  • If you need to talk to me, please call the school number from 3 to 5 pm or all day on Wednesday.
More information about contacting me:

  • If you need to call during school hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, I will be teaching and will have my cell phone silenced.  You are welcome to call my cell phone and leave a message.  You won't interrupt me, but you won't you get an immediate answer.  Please avoid calling the school number because that will interrupt class.  
  • If you need to call outside of school hours, I am usually available and, while I prefer to limit work-related evening cell phone calls, I am HAPPY to talk to you if other times don't work.  
  • I go to bed at 10 pm and am unavailable until 8 am the next morning.  Emails are welcome but won't get a response until later in the day.  Phone calls are not welcome during these hours.

Zoom Study Tables

These are for anyone who has questions about the virtual assignments and they are optional.  I designated "Gold" and "Green" below because those days might be most helpful for those students.  However, all students are welcome on either day. Students can pop in for five minutes with a quick question or spend the entire hour.  Links will be posted to Classroom.

Gold:  Wednesday from 2 to 3 pm.

Green:  Sunday from 2 to 3 pm.

My Website

I have created a Google Website as a place to store documents and links.  Assignments will still be posted to Google Classroom.  My website and Classroom are linked to one another.  I will add material to this site as we progress through the year.  It is a new tool for me. I hope that this will act as their "binder" - a place to go to find vocabulary lists, old classwork, etc.  Click below:

El Sitio de Señora

Language Application Links



Lyrics Training