Cada cual hace con su vida un papalote y lo echa a volar.

Tina Bils - Spanish

Spanish                  Room 212.

Virtual office hours during the pandemic school closure:

I will devote the following times to school work and responding to questions:

M-F 1:00-3:00 pm

M-F 7:00-8:00 pm

Saturday  4:00-5:00 pm

I will be working at other times, but don't expect any communication outside of these hours.  With no sense of urgency about things due the next day, I think we can slow our pace a bit.  I plan to stay away from screens for stretches of time and encourage you to do the same!


Spanish 1

La Locura de Marzo (3/23)

Proyecto de País (3/30)

Assigned 4/6:  Continue with your country project.  The document above (Proyecto de País) now contains "Week 2" instructions.

Project Sharing (4/13)

Reading about Colombia (4/20)

Food and -er verbs (4/27)

Shoe verbs (5/4)

Year-in-Review Questions (5/11)

Participate in Zoom - see email for time (5/18)

Culture of Spain and Latin America

Assigned 3/23.




Assigned 3/30:  Do your Central America Exam Essay.  See your email.  I will send photos of your journals.  

Google Maps Bingo (4/6)

Assigned 4/13:  You will explore South American tours and then choose one. See Classroom.

EdPuzzle and Questions about the Class (4/20)

Food, Music, Film (4/27)

Self-designed project (5/4)

Continue Project - see Classroom for details (5/11)

Participate in Zoom - see email for time (5/18)