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Room: 125

Teaching: Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, and Advanced/Organic Chemistry

Log on to Schoology for daily class updates!   Contact me by phone or preferably email; I should have office hours 8:00AM through 3:00PM Monday through Friday while we are shut down.  When I am allowed to be in the building you will normally find me here from 8:00AM - 3:00PM weekdays.     You can always email me outside of my office hours, that is not a problem at all, but I may not get to the email until office hours.  


Assignments posted on Monday, March 30, assigned for Friday, April 3, and due by Friday, April 10:      For older assignments by class, scroll down.

Physical Science:  TBA later today.  In the meantime, check ProgressBook to make sure that you gave the March 27 assignment to me.  If you did not, do that one first.  It is listed further below, so scroll down.  With many students still not done, it will get very confusing.  I will be emailing/calling today for those students not done, and the communications will go to the parents also.   Please try to submit the assignments by 6:00PM tonight on Monday, March 30 so I can get as many students processed as possible.  I will try to post the new assignment tonight at around 7:00PM.   It will be posted in Schoology first. 

Chemistry:   Go into Schoology to get directions for the following assignment that will make it easier, faster, and better to do.  Watch the videos in Schoology, they will also make this much faster and easier and better.    Assignment 1:   Read pages 442 through 451 and complete Practice Problems 1 through 13 and Section Review questions 14 through 19.    Assignment 2:   Read pages 452 through 459 and complete Practice Problems 20 through 30 and Section Review questions 31 through 37. 

Physics:   Check Schoology for more clear details.  Read pages 318-324 and from page 324 complete Practice 9A Problems 1 through 4 and Section Review questions 1 through 5.  Read pages 325 through 331 and from page 327 complete Practice 9B Problems 1 through 3, from page 330 complete Practice 9C Problems 1 through 4, and from page 331 complete Section Review questions 1 through 5.   Watch the assigned Week41 videos.

Organic Chemistry:   Assignment 1:  Read pages 151 through 155 and complete problems 4.14 and 4.15 from page 152.  Stay up with any videos I give you in Schoology this week that will be posted in "Week 41 videos" in "videos" in Schoology, and attend any short zoom sessions that we may have to discuss questions.  From page 184, complete the problems up through 4.42.      Assignment 2:  Read pages 155 through 162 and complete questions 4.16 through 4.21     Fortunately, in class this year, I already have already discussed most of these topics with you, so don't be intimidated!


Assignments posted on Monday, March23, assigned for Friday, March 27, and due by Friday, April 3:

Physical Science:  I recommend that you log into Schoology and investigate the work from there.    Submit your name into the Discussion so that we all can communicate.   Read the assignment listed there for Friday, March 27; it's the same as this.  You can submit your homework into that assignment like we did with your name at the beginning of the year.   Here are the 2 assignments, there is more detail about them in Schoology:    Assignment 1:  Read pages 106 through 111 and complete Practice Problems 5, 6, and 7 from page 110 and complete Practice Problems 8 and 9 from page 112.    Assignment 2:  Complete Section Review questions 10 through 15 from page 112.                  It will probably be easiest to submit the assignments together, especially if you submit them to the Schoology assignment  Friday, March 27,  but that is up to you.

Chemistry:   Study the completed review work that you did from pages 392 through 395 using the Weekly Notes in Schoology.   Then contact me preferably through the Schoology discussion, but email will work, when you are ready for the test.  I project that I will have that prepared and ready some time Monday afternoon 3/23.   I will monitor feedback through the Schoology discussion, and depending on the feedback I may schedule a Zoom first before I release the test to anyone.   Remember that I can't assign the work until Friday, but you can do it on Monday.   So I will have to get feedback from you what you are collectively ready for.  

Physics:  Log into Schoology and read the assignment and particularly the Discussion.  I need you to participate in the Discussion.   Remember to log into your Google Mail first, and then view, through Schoology and EdPuzzle, the following 5 videos located in Schoology under the folders "Videos" and "week39 videos":  JSM Lesson 14 - Pascal's Principle,   JSM Lesson 10 - Atmospheric Pressure,   JSM Lesson 13 - Archimedes' Principle,   Falkirk Wheel,  and JSM Lesson 8 - Adventures with Bernoulli.   

Organic Chemistry:  First log onto Schoology and participate in the Discussion and the work we are doing  in assignments, weekly notes, etc.     From page 149, complete Exercises 4.12 and 4.13 and check your work in the weekly notes.