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CLICK HERE to view the new Cory-Rawson Local School District Mission Statement

THE BUZZ by Superintendent Clark

July 21, 2021

Fall Fan Apparel

Fall sports are right around the corner and it's time to gear up for your favorite programs. You can follow the link below or go to our school athletics website and find our online apparel store. The deadline for apparel orders is July 29, 2021 @ 11:59 PM! Orders will be shipped to the school and an email will be sent out at a later date for you to schedule pickups.


Cory-Rawson Local Schools American Rescue Plan: 

Please CLICK HERE to view the Cory-Rawson Local Schools American Rescue Plan: Safe Return to In-person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan.

Cory-Rawson Preschool Openings: 

Do you ever wonder if your child’s language or speech is on track for his/her age?

Do you ever worry that your child’s social or behavioral skills could impact his/her learning?

Does your child have trouble using scissors, drawing, or writing?

Does your child struggle to jump, run, hop, balance on one foot, or catch a ball?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you have any other concerns with your preschool aged child (ages 3-5) please contact the Hancock County Preschool Supervisor.  We can schedule an appointment at the Hancock County ESC to complete a developmental screening for your child.  Please call Donna Losiewicz (419-422-7525 ext. 208) if you have any concerns for your preschool aged child, or if you have questions about the Cory-Rawson preschool classroom.

2021-2022 Open Enrollment Applications

Cory-Rawson Local Schools is accepting open enrollment applications for the 2021-2022 school year.  CLICK HERE to get an application or pick one up at any building office.  For more information please CLICK HERE or call the superintendent's office, 419-963-3415, option 3 or extension 1100. 

2021-2022 New Student Registration Day

Are you new to Cory-Rawson School District? To register your child/ren (Grades K-12) for the 2021-2022 school year, please plan to come to the school on Wednesday, August 18, from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., entrance 1-A,.  Appointments are not required.

A parent/guardian must plan to bring with them:

birth certificate or birth record

-social security card

- immunization records

- I.E.P. information (if applicable)

- custody papers (if applicable)

- proof of residency (provide a copy of your deed, building permit, rental agreement, tax statement, and/or voter registration card).

- completed registration form (click here)

  We welcome you to our district and strive to do "what's best for kids".

Vacancy Notices

Cory-Rawson Schools has several vacancies for the 2021-2022 school year.  Please go to this link to read about them. 


Please see the COVID-19 Information tab at the top of the page to view the latest COVID-19 Notice and other related information.  

August Board of Education Meeting

The Cory-Rawson Board of Education will meet in regular session on Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria. This meeting will NOT be live streamed.  

The agenda and prior meeting minutes can be located on Admin/Board of Education/Agenda or Minutes.

In accordance with State and Federal law, the District will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities who wish to attend and/or participate in this event.  Such individuals should notify the Treasurer if they require a reasonable accommodation.

Please note that meeting dates are subject to change and notices will be made through the Courier newspaper and the school webpage.

IDEA – Title VI-B Funds

Once again Cory-Rawson Local Schools will be receiving Title VI-B Funds. These funds are used to supplement special education and special needs programs already in place in the district and county. This allocation is earmarked to help pay for the special education services CRLS students receive through the Hancock County Educational Service Center. The school system would like to continue to use its IDEA-Title VI-B money for this purpose. If you have any questions or comments pertaining to the use of these funds or our special education programs, please contact the superintendent's office.


Report Cards on ProgressBook   This year there will not be hard copies of grade cards being sent home as they will be uploaded via ProgressBook instead.  ProgressBook is the grading management system we have used at Cory-Rawson that provide 24/7 up to date grades for parents to monitor at their convenience.  If you have not yet set up your ProgressBook account please contact Mr. Thiel, thiel@cory-rawson.org, so that he can send you the directions. 

Once set up to sign in to ProgressBook please use this link, ProgressBook Parent Access, or on this webpage go to the Resources tab (top right corner), scroll down to Parents, and click on Gradebook Access.

Click Here:  Elementary 

Click Here for the Latest: 20-21 Bus Routes Update 

Click Here: High School Update

Would you like to receive the Cory-Rawson Listserv messages and Ohio Alerts?  Go to Resources on this website and select Ohio Alerts and/or Email Distribution Lists and register.   

Support for Emotional/Mental Health

Cory-Rawson Local Schools wants to support the emotional/mental health needs of our students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our school social worker, Mrs. Stephanie Price, and our school counselors (Mrs. Wendie Swary & Mrs. Bethany Barnhart) are available to support students in a variety of ways.  Please see contact information below:

 *Mrs. Stephanie Price-K-12 School Social Worker
   Mrs. Price's Web Page: Click Here
   Email Address: price@cory-rawson.org

*Mrs. Wendie Swary-Cory-Rawson Elementary School Counselor 

  Mrs. Swary's Web Page: Click Here

  Email Address: swary@cory-rawson.org

*Mrs. Bethany Barnhart-Cory-Rawson High School Counselor

  Mrs. Barnhart's Webpage: Click Here

  Email Address:barnhart@cory-rawson.org

Click here to order from SHUTTERFLY

coryrawson.ShutterflyStorefront.com  Users simply need to connect via the link and all orders placed will automatically go to our school's account.  We'll utilize this money for principal's accounts and/ or any student needs.  


If you are interested in Support Our Students SOS Parent Advisory Group please click on the link below for information:

Support Our Students SOS - Informational PDF

County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Parents and families who would like to obtain information regarding resources and services from Blanchard Valley Center/Hancock County Board of Developmental Disabilities, checkout this website:  www.blanchardvalley.org

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